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An Aesthetic Piece


My Spirit Anima


My Favorite Color

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My Essence

Cinnamon Empress


Shana grew up in Pixdowz coming from a very big and wealthy family with her parents, two sisters and four brothers. Shana is conceited, can be very emotional, and a big flirt. She has a dainty behavior and is very germaphobic. Her parents come from the islands and she strives to be overacievers just like them after enjoying being laid back for a while.

Message from Shana: Actually, there is more about me coming soon. You just aren't able to fathom all of my elegance yet. but you will soon, I suppose.

Full Name: Shana Woods

Music Genres: R&B, Classical, Reggae

Movie Genres: Romance, Mystery

Hobbies: Jewlery Making, Fashion, Modeling, Shopping

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